About us

Out standards

Modern technology

We only use brand name hardware so we can always guarantee the best performance. By using redundant components we can exclude a failure of our systems and thus offer our services with high availability.

Quality support

With the help of skilled workers, we can solve your problems in the best possible way and quickly. So you don't have to worry about being alone with your problems in case of emergency.

Fair prices

We set our prices fairly so that you never pay too much for your services. By using new hardware, we can reduce costs for electricity, for example, and thus offer you a more cost-effective product.

Our founders

Lennert Nitsch and Daniel Engelschalk have founded the Engelschalk & Nitsch GbR in the year 2021, their idea to offer modern services for private individuals and companies and thus support technical progress.

lennert nitsch
Lennert Nitsch
Founder & CEO
lennert nitsch
Daniel Engelschalk
Founder & CEO